How To Make Pendrive Or USB Password Protected Without Any Software

Hlo ….

              Today M back with a new trick related with Privacy bcos we think privacy is really important for everyone .Everyone use Pendrive or Usb for data sharing but sometimes we share Private or Personal Data .No one want that Someone see his personal data So now without wasting time I will teach u that How To Make Your Pendrive Secure With A Password

                    So Lets Start And Follow the steps Below Carefully :-

Create Password Protect Pendrive 


  1.      Inset Pendrive/USB Into Your Pc.
  2.      Now Open My Computer Or This Computer.
  3.      Now Select Your Pendrive/USB And Right Click On It And Selete Turn On BitLocker.
  4.     Now Click On Use Password To Protect Drive.
  5.    Now enter the password you want to set in both the password fields.
  6.    Now click on next and next and print or save the key for future reference.
  7. Done !!! Now encryption process will start and your drive will get secured with the password that you’ve got set.

Hope This Trick Is Useful For U … If U Face Any Problem Just Comment Below…


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